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The healthcare industry has been tested in unprecedented ways by the COVID-19 epidemic and forced to change its way of operating almost overnight. At the same time hospitals were shutting down their normal operating procedures, they were also forced to ramp up to deal with the tremendous demand from coronavirus patients and put measures in place to keep their front-line employees safe. Now the industry is facing one of its greatest challenges as it races to vaccinate the world’s population and put an end to the pandemic.

At Kaiser Permanente, the man at the top, Chair & Chief Executive Officer, Greg A. Adams, had only stepped into his role a few months before the pandemic hit and was almost immediately confronted with this crisis. Join us as we sit down with Greg Adams, in conversation with Kaiser Board Member Ramon Baez, to talk about leading through crisis and managing the challenges of dealing with both the pandemic and racial inequality in the U.S.--as a new leader, as a major employer, and as a healthcare provider.

As the recent report published jointly by KPMG and LCDA revealed, as of July 31, 2020, Latinos made up only 3.2% of Fortune 1000 board seats.

Since then, LCDA has measured an uptick in new board appointments, particularly in the first quarter of 2021. Even with recent momentum, Latinos face the widest gap in terms of board representation.

Join us for a panel to learn about the trends and impact of recent drives to push for board diversity, such as legislation in California, and initiatives from Nasdaq, ISS, and other institutional investors.

Are these efforts having an impact to lift up Latinos? What does the outlook look like, what are the persistent roadblocks, and what are practical steps that boards can take?

Launched in partnership with Morgan Stanley and curated exclusively for LCDA Members and Morgan Stanley partners, our inaugural session is the first of an annual Latinas OnBoard series.

The panel, Latinas Leading: Post Pandemic Dynamics in the Boardroom highlighted insights from corporate directors sharing their journey to the boardroom and the challenges and opportunities directors are facing today.

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