LCDEF BoardReady Institute

The LCDEF’s BoardReady Institute (BRI) is a comprehensive program designed to prepare and position highly credentialed Latino executives and national leaders for corporate board service. The program’s curriculum was developed in collaboration with the KPMG Board Leadership Center, the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford Law School, Boardspan, and LCDA’s search firm strategic partners, to assist candidates on their journey to the boardroom.
The BRI is an exclusive, in-person program aimed at LCDA Executive Members who are aspiring directors. There is no other programming of this scope focused on accelerating the development and placement of Latino board-qualified executives from a variety of sectors and professions onto the highest levels of corporate governance.
The program’s comprehensive three-part curriculum is designed to prepare senior executives for boardroom excellence. The program components include:

  • Learning and preparation through in-person and webinar sessions
  • Board-level networking with corporate directors, CEOs, search firms, and others that influence board placement
  • Exposure and marketing

See the full BoardReady Institute curriculum.

Candidates for LCDA Executive Membership must meet criteria that prioritizes C-level executives and leaders with large company operations experience, including global or corporate-wide management experience, direct P&L ownership, and current or previous nonprofit board service. LCDA’s search firm partners help vet the candidates.

The process to get on a publicly traded or private company board can be lengthy and takes time and engagement on the part of the executive. The BRI does not guarantee a board seat, but it does provide executives with strategic advantages and LCDA and its foundation will remain committed to their boardroom success years after completion of the program.
 For more information, contact Carmen Joge at or (202) 257-4972.