Grow Demand

LCDA‘s multi-tiered demand agenda is designed to increase board placement of Latinos on corporate boards.

1. We serve as a trusted partner and resource to key influencers in board composition. Our partners include:

    Corporate Boards
     Search Firms
     Private Equity
     Institutional Investors and Pension Funds 

2. We advocate for greater Latino representation on boards and our agenda includes:

  • Writing proactive letters to companies with board opportunities, introducing LCDA as a resource, and presenting the business case
  • Acting as a voice for Latino corporate leaders by monitoring national and state legislation that promotes board diversity

3. We research and track the number of Latinos on corporate boards. LCDA leads in providing research that delivers accurate tracking of US Latinos serving in America's corporate boardrooms.

  • The Latino Board Tracker is the only publicly available resource that tracks the number of Latino/as on Fortune 1000 company boards. Details on F1000 companies, their board size, and the number of Latino/as on each board are all readily available on the new Latino Board Tracker. Users can search by F1000 rank, company name, company headquarter location, and the number of Latino/as on each board. LCDA‘s methodology to report on this data included a thorough review of publicly available information that identified individuals as Latino.

  • Latino Representation on Fortune 1000 Boards LCDA, with audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG LLP, released this new report that shows, despite growing shareholder interest in corporate diversity – there is a significant gap in Latino/a representation on F1000 boards in states with notable Latino populations (Texas, Florida, and California) and across industries such as technology, materials, and aerospace and defense.

Working with our members and a growing coalition of allies, LCDA is making the business case for greater inclusion and greater representation of Latinos on corporate boards.

Diversity on corporate boards matters. Cited most frequently is McKinsey’s study, Diversity Matters which found a statistically significant correlation between diversity and financial performance. Specifically, companies in the top quartile for gender and racial/ethnic diversity were 15 percent and 35 percent, respectively, more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median. These articles and reports make the clear business case for board diversity.