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End of Year Reports

2022 End of Year Report 

A Year of Growth

Board talent, influence, and board placements are what distinguishes LCDA.

2022 proved to be a year of tremendous growth for LCDA! Through the collective efforts of LCDA, its members and network we reached new milestones:

  • Influenced board placements for the Latino share of Fortune 1000 company board seats to exceed 4%
  • Surpassed 500 LCDA members
  • Held our largest, most successful Annual Convening with 300+ attendees
  • Hit record social and media presence
  • Launched a dozen Member-led regional network gatherings.

In 2023, we are building on our progress and remain steadfast in our focus to accelerate the number of Hispanics/Latinos in America’s corporate boardrooms. Our members are our biggest asset and partner in advancing the mission. We have built the largest, most powerful network of accomplished and respected Latino Directors and Leaders at the pinnacle of corporate success and governance who are committed to paying it forward.


2021 End of Year Report 

A Year of Impact

By every measure, 2021 was our single most impactful year, with greater results than the previous 4 years combined. This level of accomplishment was the result of steady, strategic growth alongside the LCDA and Foundation Boards of Directors, and the support of our members and sponsors who made our immense progress possible.

The 2021 Report details key progress in our three areas—growing supply, growing demand, and raising awareness.

LCDA has reached a new level of awareness through our research, social media channels, and increased coverage by tier-one news outlets. We produced a NEW first-of-its-kind report - tracking US public company board performance,

As we begin 2022, we’re building on this success, with the organization poised to achieve even greater impact in the years to come. We remain evermore focused on doubling down our efforts to increase Latinos in corporate boardrooms.